The 7 Keys to Success – Top Pick

Once upon a time, a poultry farmer placed an eagle’s egg in amongst his chickens to see what would happen. One of the chickens sat on the egg and nurtured it until, one day, it hatched and an eaglet was born. It grew up with the other chickens in the farmyard, scratching about and pecking at the earth.

One day, the young eagle caught sight of a magnificent bird confidently soaring high in the sky, and he turned to an old rooster.

“What kind of bird is that?” he asked.

The old bird said, “that is an eagle, the most powerful bird in the land.”

“I wish I could soar like that,” the eagle said.

“But you can’t,” replied the rooster. “He is an eagle and we are just chickens.”

And so, the eagle went back to scratching the ground and he lived the rest of his life like a chicken, for that is what he believed he was.

My friend, you are an eagle! You were born to fly, you are destined to soar. You are called to achieve something important with your life. Don’t waste your opportunity.

Story taken from The 7 Keys to Success, book available free from all major stores.

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