The Essential Mental Survival Guide for Bookworms: Coronavirus Edition – Free

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Self-isolation need not drive you completely mad!

First off, let’s face it, when we all went to the movies to watch 28 Days Later, we probably didn’t think anything like it was ever going to happen in our lifetime. But here we are, maybe not exactly facing a Zombie Apocalypse, but nevertheless, apparently in one hell of a load of sh*t!

There are empty shelves at the supermarket, constant bulletins on the telly and – can you believe it – a toilet roll shortage – WTF?

What are we going to do?

There’s nothing (worth watching) on the telly, and Netflix has gone into meltdown! Self-isolation is going to be tough, but we bookworms are going to READ our way right through this thing – right?

This little report will point you in the right direction for some great FREE books that are guaranteed to lift your spirits.

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