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Many authors recognise that offering a free book is a great way of improving visibility in all the online stores (including Amazon, Google Play, iBooks and the others). It is also great for building buzz around your book and ultimately, building an audience that will go on to buy your other books.

Some authors set their books to permanently free (permafree) and others utilise the free tactic as a special offer for a limited period of time. Both methods can be very lucrative. But of course, even when your book is free, you have to find a way of letting people know about it. And that’s where we can help.

Do you have a permafree book or a book on free offer that you would like to promote?

You can promote it right here. We will help you to get the ball rolling by letting our subscribers know about your offer. This is a service we designed for our own books, but now we are making the service available to other authors. And, for a limited time, you can list your book here for a very small admin fee.

Your book can be ANY genre but it must be free – either permafree or on free offer to qualify for this promotion offer.

What We Will Do for You

Create an appealing book listing in our Free Books Section

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Also publish the listing on our most relevant Category Page

Distribute the book listing through our Network of 50+ sites

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After you submit, your book will appear in prime position in our Free Books Section. It will also appear within our most relevant top level category (Romance, Crime/Mystery, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Horror or Self Help). As new books are added to our listings, all books slowly move down the lists until they drop off the bottom. This ensures that every book listing receives excellent exposure.

At present, each new listing is exposed to in excess of 5,000 active readers.


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