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Badass-SmallRather than dot recommendations throughout the book, I thought it might be much more beneficial to put them all in one handy reference section. The following are tools and services that I personally use and can whole-heartedly recommend.

Make sure you bookmark this page because I will keep it up-to-date as new tools become available. But rest assured that I will not recommend anything that I have not personally used and found to be helpful.

The beauty of having your own website is that you get the opportunity to engage in the more advanced tactics we have discussed including the whole sales funnel approach. There are many methods you can use to create your own website, but the first thing you need is a domain and hosting which you can get inexpensively from GoDaddy.

Get Your Hosting Here

An autoresponder is the most important component of your online business after your hosting service. This is how you manage your email lists, your newsletter (if you decide to have one) and how you send out offers to your buyers. Although there are free services on the market, they are simply not in the same league as Aweber. With a delivery rate of around 99% – which is exceptional – it’s the service I have personally used and can recommend.

Get a Free Trial of Aweber Here

You then need to create your site. My site was created with WordPress. It is a joy to work with, it’s free and you can get many useful plug-ins that increase its functionality. They are a breeze to install and all in all, I could not recommend WordPress highly enough.

Get a Copy of WordPress Here

Next, create an account with Kindle Publishing (KDP. Use the information in this guide to create a winning book and then upload it to your Kindle Publishing account. They accept files in many formats including both native both Word format and EPUB. You can set your own pricing and upload your cover graphic. It’s completely free and your books gets its own page on the Amazon site.

Create Your KDP Account Here

Hopefully you will already have your own word-processor program, but the free tool Calibre is a must have. It can convert your Word document into EPUB, MOBI (Kindle) and a whole host of other formats. Remember that EPUB is definitely the best format for you to work with.

Get a Copy of Calibre Here

The program I personally use and recommend for market research is KDP Rocket. It is an inexpensive but invaluable tool that you can use to find both niches and keyword phrases to target. It essentially takes away a lot of the guesswork and reports actual search volumes, for both Amazon and Google. In my case, it has paid for itself over and over again.

Get KDP Rocket Here

Find the number of actual sales for any book on Amazon. Enter the BSR, choose which Amazon store you are interested in, pick ‘Kindle Store’ in the third field, click the button and the number of sales is shown at the top.

Jungle Scout BSR Analyser

Universal links are a great way to get your visitors to their preferred bookstore and they also have a reporting feature that tells you how many people actually click your links. If you are planning to publish ‘wide’ then I recommend that you use these links in your ‘about the author’ section.

Create Universal Links

The job of your headline is to grab attention and get people to start reading your blurb. You should spend time crafting a great headline to improve your conversion rate. Here is an excellent copywriting tool for analysing headlines. It uses a linguistic algorithm based on modelling theory and advertising research.

Headline Analyzer

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