Your Heart’s Desire

Like everyone else, you want success in life. But you also feel there is more to life than that. You are here to achieve something significant and important with your life, and within your heart, you know this is true.

Using the exact methods taught in our life-changing program, many people have gone on to achieve outstanding success, and so can you.

  • Developing Your Vision
  • Finding the Time
  • Staying Positive as You Progress
  • Overcoming the Obstacles
  • Finally Making it Happen

Success simply cannot elude you when you understand your life purpose, you have quantified your mission, you have identified your most important goals and you are working toward achieving them.

The culmination of many years of study and application of the principles of success, The Deepest Desire of Your Heart is much more than a self help book. It is the personal success blueprint you have been waiting for to kick-start you on your journey to outstanding success.



About the Author

Will Edwards writes self help books that inspire and challenge people to live more fulfilling lives. Passionate about his calling, his books are often described as life-changing.

“Personal development is my passion. I believe that life holds specific purpose for you, and the most important thing you can do is … find it.

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