The Bible Secret

Despite years of study, many believers misunderstand or miss this dynamic Bible promise completely. The sad consequence is that they end up settling for lives of mediocrity, never releasing the most powerful force in the universe into their lives. If you are not living the spiritually satisfying and materially rewarding life God intends you to live, you should read this book today.

  • The Most Powerful Promise in The Bible
  • The Spiritual Secret to Abundance and Fulfilment
  • Release Astonishing Power into Your Life
  • The Most Important Prayer You Will Ever Pray
  • A Bible Mystery that will Open Your Eyes

If you are ready to pray this one powerful prayer, in the right spirit, your life will completely change as you begin to do things and achieve goals that you never thought were remotely possible for you.

A Christian self help book of an entirely different kind, this book will open your eyes to a Bible promise you may have completely missed.



About the Author

Will Edwards writes self help books that inspire and challenge people to live more fulfilling lives. Passionate about his calling, his books are often described as life-changing.

“Personal development is my passion. I believe that life holds specific purpose for you, and the most important thing you can do is … find it.”

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