A Little Bird Taught Me

new-1045954_1920.jpgA little bird taught me how to say ‘thank you’.

There was an occasion when I was out walking with a friend when we heard the sound of a bird signalling an alarm. Although our attention was attracted to the bird that was sitting in a shrub within a nearby garden, neither of us at first gave it much thought.

As we continued for a few more steps, the little bird remained very agitated and continued to blast out the same alarm call. My friend asked what I thought might be the problem and I thought that perhaps there might have been a cat somewhere close. However, she decided to go over to the garden to investigate.

The garden had a little wall with a wrought iron fence on top and it was possible to see through the fence. There on the path, a magpie had pinned down a sparrow and was repeatedly hacking at the bird with its beak. My friend quickly clapped her hands a few times and both birds immediately flew away.

What happened next is what has stayed with me all these years. The sparrow then flew down and landed in a shop doorway, just to our right. He bobbed his head a couple of times and then he flew off. My friend immediately commented that it was very nice of him to come and say ‘thank you’. I really have no idea what goes on in the mind of a sparrow but that’s exactly what it seemed like.

From time to time, if ever we walk that same way, one of us might ask, “do you remember that little sparrow?” We are still both amazed at what happened.

Story taken from The 7 Keys to Success, available free at all good stores.