A New Beginning

gHZaDwAAQBAJIt was back in the year 2000 that I began the White Dove Books project and in the last eighteen years, the site has been through many changes. But today is an exciting one for me, because it marks a new beginning. We have moved to a new hosting provider and we have a new domain name (https://whitedovebooks.com) too. The old (whitedovebooks.co.uk) domain will continue to redirect users for the time being.

In addition, as you may recall from our last email (if you were on that list), we have shredded the old email newsletter list, dumped our Mailchimp account and intend to communicate in the future solely via our blog updates and social channels. As you will probably be aware, all of this has to do with changes in the way the web is moving including our commitment to GDPR for countries in the European Union.

Anyway, enough about techie stuff. What I wanted to let you know is that we have also just changed all our prices to celebrate. So, at the moment, you can get any of my books for just $0.99 (or the equivalent in your local currency) at Amazon. They are a little cheaper still at Google Play, who always operate a further discount.

Get them here:

Click Here for Amazon

Click Here for Google Play

In addition, the Boxed Set (including all 8 books) is just $2.99 at Amazon and, again, a little less at Google Play.

And here’s to the next 18 years!